Professional Home Inspections

Buying a home will probably be one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make. But do you know what you are buying? With an InspectorCor Professional Home Inspection you’ll have the knowledge to confidently close on your new home.

Home Buyers

When buying a home there are an overwhelming number of things to consider and one of the biggest unknowns is the condition of the house you’re considering purchasing. This is where a professional home inspection comes in. We provide you with an independent assessment of the condition of your home. A home inspection isn’t tied to the sale of a home which means the report we provide is unbiased and trustworthy. In fact, we are required to be according to our standards of practice to which we adhere.

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How do you know if the home your buying is a good investment and not a money pit? A home inspection will help you know if there are significant issues that need addressing.


You and your family will spend a significant amount of time in and around your home so it should be safe. During an InspectorCor home inspection we will look for an identify safety concerns.


After your home inspection you'll be able to knowledgeably and objectively negotiate on the identified issues that you would like fixed prior to closing. Without a home inspection, those issues could become your responsibility after you've moved in.

Wondering what a Home Inspection Report looks like?

Home Sellers

Listing your home can be quite intimidating, especially if you think it might have hidden issues. But don’t worry an InspectorCor home inspection can eliminate the fear of unknown discoveries that a buyer might uncover.


Pre-listing inspections give you the chance to identify and fix potential issues before listing, which could lead to faster offers and reduced due diligence periods.


By demonstrating your commitment towards listing your home in the best light possible you may experience an increased price point.


Buyer confidence in your home may increase thanks to a pre-listing inspection. Your showing the buyer that you have nothing to hide and that they can put their trust in your home.

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More InspectorCor Services

InspectorCor is a full-service home inspection company. We offer a variety of services so that you’ll have all the information you’ll need to close on your new home with confidence.

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Pre-Drywall Inspections

Before your new house is sealed up, let us make sure the core is being built correctly. Because once the drywall is installed, a lot of potential issues may become hidden.

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Termite Inspections

Termites and other wood destroying insects can create expensive and dangerous damage to your new home. Let's make sure you don't have any unwanted inhabitants.

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Did you know that Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer? This odorless invisible gas might be present in your new home, endangering your family.